Judge Joseph C. Cassini III

Joseph Cassini, when asked what “drove” him to become so passionate about automobiles, replied, “In my youth hormones and gasoline got all mixed together. Most sane people outgrow it- I never did.”

In explaining the appeal of classic automobiles, Joe said “ he gets the same aesthetic thrill from owning and looking at classic cars as other people do from owning and looking at a beautiful painting or sculpture. “These cars are works of art on wheels and besides, you cant drive a painting!”

His wife Margie and their daughter Caroline, share his interests in the automobile hobby. They have attended numerous Concours d’Elegance events here, in the U.S. as well as Europe. They also participate in various motorsport events. Joe and his family have had the fortune of having their cars judged as some of the best in the world, including winning Best of Show twice at the renowned Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Joe is a retired New Jersey Superior Court Judge. He served on the bench for over 22 years, presiding over many complicated and noteworthy trials. His pursuit of the automobile hobby served as a release from the rigors of his profession. Additionally, Joe has been a resident of Llewellyn Park since 1953, when he moved there with his parents and grandfather. Joe believes that there is no better combination then to celebrate the historical significance of Llewellyn Park and our rich automotive heritage then at the Edison Concours. Joe states: “What better location for the event than the home of Thomas A. Edison, in Llewellyn Park where Edison’s Model T Ford, his three original electric cars and the worlds first electric automobile charging station are housed.

Joe trusts that the Edison Concours d’Elegance will bring together some of the finest collector cars of their era. But it is not just about celebrating automobiles; it is also raising money for charity, which is the ultimate point of this event.

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